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Welcome to the colorful culinary world of Chef Terrell Gaskin. While based in Atlanta, Georgia, his culinary genius is like none you’ll savor all over this world. Whether he’s creating a flavor-filled plate for a personal dinner or a decadent 4-course menu for a company event, Chef Gaskin blends his love for art and cuisine into a sensory experience with artistic twists and creative presentation. His mastery in the kitchen has been featured on Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” — where he was one-third of the winning team from Season 10. He’s also been seen on Good Morning America. Chef Gaskin currently runs his Atlanta-based catering company, Royalty Dining, with a goal to expose all walks of life — young, old, rich and poor — to the true art of fine dining.


Born in Brooklyn, New York, Chef Gaskin spent his early years enthralled in drawing and other art forms. At an early age, he decided to perfect these artistic passions in the kitchen. Chef Gaskin passionately climbed his way up the culinary ladder, going from the dishwasher at a Pizza Deli to the Sous Chef of various prestigious country clubs and restaurants. He even crowned his field experience with a Culinary Degree from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta. After graduating, Chef Gaskin went on to win gold medals while participating in various cooking competitions.


Today, Chef Gaskin continues to share his excitement and more than 16 years of experience with food within folks within the industry and outside ofi t. He offers cooking classes, cooking videos and more through his blog, “Food For The Culture,” an outlet for all things food, culture and art. Likewise, he has a goal to teach and inspire Atlanta youth and the less fortunate communities through mentorship, food education and hands-on cooking demonstrations.


Connect With Chef Gaskin:

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Royalty Dining is an upscale, Atlanta-based catering company focused on creating intimate dining experiences with lively artistic expression. Owned and operated by Executive Chef Terrell Gaskin, our mission is to produce food art and succulent flavors that speak to the king and queen in us all. And with 16 years of experience in the food industry, we understand the importance of “Food For The Culture.” Royalty Dining is dedicated to fostering elevated, authentic atmospheres where families, communities and coworkers can gather to share accomplishments, create strong bonds and learn from one another.


Get the royal dining experience.


Equally important, The Royalty experience goes far beyond the table. Executive Terrell Gaskin is passionate about creating opportunities in the kitchen for youth, as well as infusing cultures that you don’t regularly see in a chef’s jacket. Discover career opportunities.

“We are all kings and queens, and we deserve to dine as such. I will bring the food, you bring your crown!”

– Executive Chef Terrell Gaskin,

Owner Of Royalty Dining

"Cooking has always been art to me. It's fun, fruitful, and healing. It's my way of experiencing life and bringing others on the journey with me!"



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